Success Stories

“Becoming a new franchise owner is very exciting, but getting the financing for the business was hectic. We researched 401K rollovers for business ventures, but was very apprehensive about making this decision without consultation. We were referred to Mr. Dave Woggon with the Phoenix Funding Source and he offered his financial expertise. He made the rollover process easy, convenient and stress-free. He provided us with step by step instructions of the process and guided us to a 401K financed business. I would recommend Mr. Dave Woggon to anyone who wanted a pleasant professional to assist with their business financial needs.”

- Tammy Ford






“Dave was instrumental in helping me evaluate and decide the best funding path for my new company. Without his expert help, I likely would not have been able turn my dream into a reality.”


 -Brian Moorhead

"My experience with Dave Woggon and Lance Paulson has been exceptional to say the least, both gentlemen have gone above and beyond my expectations and have been very responsive and have a passion for helping other business professionals achieve their goals of becoming an Aire Serv Franchise owner. I would recommend anyone working with the Dwyer Group to consider this team of gentlemen to help with managing and facilitating your financial assets."

Best Regards, Marc Meshell


“At Glass Doctor, within the Dwyer Group, we believe in providing, and delivering a “World Class” customer experience to our candidates.  When I turn over a candidate to the Phoenix Funding Source team, I know that they’re going to be treated with the utmost respect and have the same customer philosophy that I do, “the customer comes first.”  I don’t have to worry and wonder if my candidates are being taken care of, they are always quick and efficient, talking to my candidates and helping them feel comfortable with their funding options, and then helping my candidates secure their funding in a timely manner, so they can become a Glass Doctor franchisee.”

 ~Torrie Chavez, Franchise Development Director