401K Business Funding R.O.B.S.
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401K Business Funding

Rollover For Business Start-Ups (ROBS)

Equity Funding with Debt Free Potential

Instead of investing all of your retirement dollars in publicly held company stock (stock market), consider investing a portion of your retirement assets to buy stock in your own privately held company without tax or penalty. This is not a loan,  you are not borrowing from your 401K retirement plan, and you are not required to pay it back.

Powerful Benefits That Are Easy to Understand

  • Invest retirement into your business and take control over your retirement assets.
  • Improved cash flow position from the start.
  • Quickly accelerate business equity and profitability, start your business DEBT-
    FREE or with less debt.
  • Secure funding fast, typically 4-5 weeks.
  • Set aside up to $64,500 per year in tax deductible retirement savings.
  • Short on liquid cash for an SBA loan? Use retirement!
  • Build a successful business, sell it for a profit and take advantage of the 401K.
  • When it’s time to sell your business, there is a tax deferred exit strategy program.

Many new business owners are choosing to preserve their own cash and obtain funding through equity funding.  One popular funding option is to access a Traditional IRA, 401K  (from a previous employer), 457, 403B, SEP-IRA, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Pension & Annuities.  If you have retirement funds from a Qualified Retirement Plan, and you have not yet paid taxes on those funds, you can use them toward the investment of a business.  This can be accomplished for a new startup business, as well as for an existing business (for recapitalization).

Today, your current retirement maybe in a 401K or IRA (a qualified retirement plan) at a brokerage firm, where they more than likely invested your retirement dollars by buying stock in publicly held companies, investing your retirement dollars as working capital to build those publicly held companies (example:  Microsoft, Apple, General Motors, Proctor & Gamble, etc.), with hopes and expectations of receiving a positive return on your investment.  What you might consider doing, is taking a portion of your retirement dollars and investing it into a “privately” held company, by buying stock in your company, and using those funds as working capital to start and build your business, without tax or penalty and DEBT-FREE funding.

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